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Nicole Rafferty

Assistant Professor




Graduate Students

Andrea Keeler

Ph.D. Student in EEOB


Andrea is interested in the effects of global climate change on ecological communities, and how mutualistic species may become mismatched spatially and temporally in a changing climate. She is particularly interested in soil microbe-plant-pollinator interactions, and how alterations in the phenology and distribution of these mutualists may impact interaction strength and community structure.


Before moving to Riverside to pursue a Ph.D. in the Rafferty lab, Andrea earned her B.S. in Ecology, Evolution & Behavior from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. She worked under Dr. Jacques Finlay on stable isotope mapping of food web dynamics in an agriculturally-influenced stream network in southern Minnesota, and on urban-influenced aquatic biogeochemistry in the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Elijah Hall

Ph.D. Student in EEOB


Elijah is interested in how global change impacts plants and pollinators. He is especially interested in community level phenological patterns, pollinator's role in plant reproductive success, and how those relationships change over space and time.


Elijah earned a B.S. in biology at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. His research began on geometric morphology of largemouth bass, and the effects of natural gas extraction on native trout streams. Elijah also worked at the University of Colorado, Boulder, focusing on alpine flower phenology and pollinator behavior, and at North Dakota State University, working with prairie pollinators.

Annika Rose-Person

Ph.D. Student in EEOB

Chris Cosma

Ph.D. Student in EEOB


Lab Staff

Lindsey Agnew

Junior Specialist


Lindsey graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Environmental Science. In college, she completed research projects on fern ecology and evolution, oak phylogenetics, and tropical forest ecology. After graduation, she did conservation work in the high Sierra Nevada and in the wetlands of San Francisco. She is passionate about botanical research and is excited to contribute to the Rafferty Lab's research team.


Undergraduate Students

Eva Morton

Visiting Scholar (2017)

Eva visited from the University of Manchester for a year. She worked at the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab and helped with projects at UCR. She also conducted independent research on plants and insects.

Stephanie Aguiar

CAMP Mentee (2018)

Stephanie is an Environmental Sciences major with interests in soils and plants. She is helping with our projects in the greenhouse and will be conducting independent research.

Thanks to all who volunteered!

Gayathri Chengodam

Samuel Cho

Jamison Diep

Dillon Gidcumb

Skyler Kim

Caitlin Redak